Your Portrait

An exclusive artistic present

What I need from you is just your favorite photographs. Select some of them (preferable digital photos), send them by e-mail or by post. I will choose for you most suitable painting from a famous master. We will discuss it together. You decide: how many person will be imaged, the size, the presentation, the material ( print on canvas or oil painting).

I also need a little your personal information about: What kind of person are you? (shy, outgoing, fun, mean, immature, dramatic or nice?), what type of person do you attract, body height, hobbies and ineterests, what do you like and what you don't like. Please tell me everything you find for important and interesting for your portrait.

I look for a suitable person, creation and details of classical or modern painters. Then I work on it with the help of your photo to an end product. I will send this draft to you by an e-mail then. You can have a look at the portrait and estimate. Up to three suggestions are possible. If you agree with my idea, I will send to you my design for confirmation. To the view you receive a signed digital photo in a reduced format.  

Ihr PortraitCollage and photo-montage from different works of classical masters

Example: this portrait is created from your photograph and different artworks  of classical painters. 


Shortly about size, price, delivery time and shipment

1. Size

Please take different formats from the price list on this site ("Price list, Terms and Conditions"). For another formats please feel free to contact me. Every format ist possible.


2. Price

The price of a portrait depends on the following factors: used materials, work investment, number of persons in the painture and the size. The price of "Print on canvas" contains: design work (incl. picture editing, different corrections and changes), print on streched canvas and framing. The price of the portrait as oil painting includes: design work ((incl. picture editing, different corrections and changes), an artist work and framing "old style". 


3. Delivery time

From concept (2-4 days) to you hold final result in the hands: 5 days - 4 weeks ( according to work investment).


4. Shipment

The deliveries are carried out as a rule by parcel services. The following packaging-all-inclusive and carriage costs-all-inclusive are charged:

Shipment Germany (standard): Euro 9,--
Express-shipment Germany: Euro 22,--
Shipment EU (standard): Euro 19,--. Other lands on inquiry


Portraits by a special size als bulcy goods

Portraits as a streched canvas with framing by side dimensions more than 60x100cm are calculated as a bulcy goods.

To check for damage

The customer is obliged to check before delivery acceptance, whether this is intact externally. Damages in transit must be given a receipt immediately on the takeover document. Otherwise the transportation company performs no damage substitute. Claims because of damages in transit are to be put to the carrier (parcel service, forwarding agency, post) by the receiver.

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